My first day in High school

I remember my first day in high school as if it was yesterday. I was really nervous when my dad drove me to school because I was a new kid in town and I didn’t knew anybody. As I stepped on the school grounds I felt a trickle of sweat roll down my face and my hands were clammy. My heart was beating so fast that I had a feeling like it was drums. My first class was math with professor O’donnel. I sat down with some kid from China, his name was Chang. We have started talking and then he showed me this new special hit game Clash Royale. I have downloaded this game on my android phone and I have started playing it. Chang was pro in this game and he showed me lots of tips and tricks. He said to me that the most important thing in this game are gems. When you have a lot of gems, then you could rank up high very easily. But of course it was really hard to get those gems.

After a couple of days playing Clash Royale I was looking for a ways to find some Clash royale Hack tools to cheat in this game. After some unsuccessful attempts I have found this amazing online generator that produces a lot of free games. I have started using it and soon I was higher level than my buddy Chang, who showed me this new special game. He was very curious how did I in just a couple of weeks playing this game ranked up higher than him. After a while I have decided to tell Chang about this program hack that I have discovered online. We were using it all the time and it was great. I was playing this game all the time, during the recess most. I wasn’t very popular in school and with the help of Clash Royale my time in school had improved because when Chang was sick the only thing that I had left to do is to play this game. Day by day I got better and better at this game. Soon I decided to sell my account to buy a brand new bike that every kid in my school wanted. When I finally bought a new bike other kids in school started to look at me with more respect and they actually started to hang out with me. They wanted to know how did I got money for this bike because it was really expensive. I told them about this hacking tool that gives me a lot of free games so you could rank up really high very fast in this game.

clash royale youtube

Soon most of the kids started playing this game and using online generators to get lots of gems. Some of them used the money to buy better phones, new clothes and all kinds of stuff. Soon I was very popular in school and everybody liked me. When I remember my first day I laugh now, but it was really stressful back then. But playing Clash Royale really helped me at first and when I discovered a gem hack tool my days got better. So all of you who play this game if you want to be the best I would recommend it to you to download this online generator and start using it.

Some of Best games for teenagers

First of all,before reading this I would like to inform you about ourworld gem codes website that would allow you to get these codes for free! Go check it out guys its really amazing!


Before a few days, I got a message from my neighbor and he asked me: “What game could I play?”, so I told him thah he need to search if for some games that are for teenagers. But, he was to lazy to do that and I told him that he could play OurWorld games.

He said okay and he will do a little research about that game, because he had never heard about it, so I told him a few words about game and he said: “Well, okay, I will try it. I do not have what to lose” and it was like that. He registered there and he started with playing.

ourworld browser games

After a few days, he called me and he said that game is so awesome, there is a lot of players his age and he asked me to join him in this game, because he needs some “items” and if I do not want to continue with playing, to send him. I told him that I will think about that, because I have some “important” things to do.

I went in my kitchen to make a tea for myself, because it is a winter and it is a very cold outside, and ofcoruse, I like to drink a tea. My parents are from Norwich, that is a town in Great Britain/England, maybe you heard about that town and from there is my love with a tea. When I was 6 my parents decide to move in USA because of job and yea, now I’m here.

When I finish my tea I went in room and watched some videos about games, I can not remember what videos were that but it is not so important now. So I typed in Google site of this game and I have create my profile on OurWorld and started with playing. It was not my first time and it was not so “special” for me, because I already have had playing this game. I called my neighbor and told him that I am there and he came to me. He was so happy because of that and because of game. This was first time for him that he is playing some game like this. He alwasys played games like League of Legends, Dota 2 and so on, so he was not RP player.

That day, I played maximum 1 hour, because it was not something special for me and I played that for a few years, when I was “younger”. But I can say that this is type of game created for younger players or specialy for teenagers, because they are in those “ages” when they want to be big and grown, so if they can not to do some things in real life, they can do it here, in OurWorld. Like having a party all day and all night with no money, drinking alcohol and maybe smoking cigarets – even I would not recommend that to you, stick playing a games, it is healthier! – meeting and chating with girls – we all knows that teenagers can be shy and that they can not communicate normaly with girls (yeah, we watched that in Hollywood projection, but it does not mean that is 100% true. Try it, girls do not bite!).

Welcome to new blog and new year!

Since this blog is going to be only about gaming videos,I don’t see better way to start my first post then with question,what would you want to see? Let me introduce myself first,my name is Dan,and I live in New York,which is one of the biggest city in the world,and I really like it here. I meet a lot of new people everyday,and that inspired me to start this blog,I want others to know about me,to know that I love doing videos,and gaming,and I love mix of those. I spend few hours every day watch youtube videos,and that is very fun. My goal is to be famous youtuber one day,not like pewdiepie famous,but very famous. More like some other that don’t sound like shit,and that are not retards. I am only 15 years old,so I have time to do this,and I really hope that this blog will help me in my goal to achieve that! Also I want to wish you all happy new year,I wish you a lot of fun,and to be best at one game,you can choose which one,but still,enjoy and have fun!

Happy New Year